Gardens & Animals

We have several seasonal fruits and fruit trees, vegetables, and flower gardens.

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We have 5 donkeys, a mule, 2 horses, 4 goats, over 25 sheep, 7 alpaca, 5 peacocks, 2 swans, guinnea hens, golden/silver/ring-neck pheasants, wood ducks, and more chickens than we can count.

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This video was created by Doug LeBlanc, a professional cinematographer. He visited the farm with his family this past summer and wanted to capture “our story.” Maple Crest Farm is a “collective” and mostly random, “group” rescue effort, that has evolved with each new animal addition…and the story behind each is unique. There truly is a “story” and animal/human connection behind them all…including the bees. We can’t thank Doug and his family enough for creating such a BEAUTIFUL Video!

Video from WABI TV5


We sell  honey, fresh eggs, alpaca fiber & yarn products, and sheep wool & yarn products.

We also sell baby chicks, juvenile chicks and laying (adult chickens) of various breeds (some rare)  and Grassfed Freezer Lamb.  Purchase a whole lamb or share the cost with others for delicious locally raised lamb. Quantities are limited.

Raw, Local Honey $8.00/Lb.
We can and have customized favors for weddings and baby showers.

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Sadly this years Sheep For A Cure event has been cancelled due to COVID 19. The board is in the process of choosing a date for next year.

Thank you for all that have supported us in creating this eventA Special thanks to Maple Crest Farms for being our hosts. As well as Katahdin Trust, Attorney Paul Brown, and Cross Insurance for your generous sponsorship and support.

We look forward to next year.

We do farm tours by appointment and we have a few open farm days, mostly during the summer, but some spring and fall.  We do not charge for the tours but accept donations to help cover the costs for feed and veterinary care as many of our animals are “rescued.” Please do not show up unannounced.

We also do photo ops for senior pictures, engagements and business retreats, such as picnics. Trish is a talented photographer if you need one!